[BRUNCH CLUB | 1 ] Dean St Townhouse

January 2014, London

The Brunch Club is organised by the wonderful Tamu (of wicked brand KENEMA) we brunched it up at the Dean St Townhouse in Soho.

Albeit a few missing heads, I was in the company of 7 pretty amazingly inspiring women who happen to work in various areas of the creative world. We discussed our jobs/careers, future projects, boys, aspirations, youth work and most importantly, the importance of building a supportive network for women - who needs (more) competition in an already stifling work scene?!

As for the food - 3/5. My swine was slightly burnt and was far too engrossed in our conversation to notice how great the eggs were.

I left feeling motivated and went about a merry sunday in Paperchase. I look forward to the next one ladies.

Image: Me, Samantha (music artist), Karen (graphic/textile designer), Tamu (fashion designer, KENEMA), Zahra (fashion designer+youth workshop leader), Lauren (experimental artist), Sonia (Inspirational U founder+workshop/event curator), Charlotte (Poejazzi co-founder).

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